Is there a “new modesty” in the face of dwindling resources and complex crises?

The DAZ presents selected concepts from architects who see building as a social and cultural mission: a.gor.a architects, Brandlhuber+, ELEMENTAL, Anupama Kundoo and TYIN tegnestue Architects. The projects share in common that they were developed in collaborative practice, use locally available building materials and achieve high quality in times of scare resources. In videos, photographs, plans, sample materials and a walk-in model, the DAZ makes architectures tangible that react creatively and in all restraint to this new reality using simple means

  • Location
    Berlin | Germany
  • Organizer
    DAZ Deutsches Architektur Zentrum
  • Year
  • Curators
    Anna Jehle | Thomas Thiel | Andreas Wannenmacher