Cancha: Chilean Soilscape

CANCHA: Chilean Soilscapes / Paisajes del suelo de Chile is the name of the exhibition Chile presented at the Venice Biennale 2012.

Cancha is a pre-hispanic Quechua word that indicates a vacuum that allows connection with the land and between people. In urban terms, is similar to the concept of plaza/square, which is used in South America to designate a large public space. Cancha also represents the field of the ancient game of Palin, traditional in Chilean Mapuche culture. Then, Cancha is the word used to understand the Chilean land, wich hasn’t got urban measure but territorial.

  • Location
    Venice | Italy
  • Organizer
    Venice Biennale
  • Year
  • Curators
    María Pilar Pinchart | Bernardo Valdés