METAMORPHOSIS is the exhibition which unlocks the opening week of EXD’13, Lisbon’s design & architecture Biennale and showcase for national and international innovation and creativity.
Curated by experimentadesign, METAMORPHOSIS is the result of a research project initiated in 2011, produced in partnership with Amorim, world’s leading producer of cork, on the potential and limits of this decidedly Portuguese material. The project has sparked innovative, creative and cutting-edge use of cork, thus expanding its horizons.
An invitation was extended to renowned contemporary designers and architects: Pritzke METAMORPHOSIS PROJECT contributors creative carte-blanche to devise new terrain, functions and forms while using cork to explore new fields and typologies, in symbiosis or metamorphosis with other materials and properties, creating state of the art concepts for the 21st century

  • Location
    Lisbon | Portugal
  • Organizer
    Bienal de Lisboa
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