The Magnet and the Bomb

Countries like Chile do have challenging times ahead:
On the one hand, even though income has tripled in less than a decade, inequalities have remained embarrassingly intact. This is creating a discontent in the people that is accumulating pressure as if it was a social time bomb.
On the other hand, in order to keep on growing and gain access to the next level of competitiveness at a global scale, we will need to attract (or retain) knowledge creators. Given that those able to create knowledge choose where to live according to the quality of life that cities are able to provide, we will have to design our cities as if they were magnets of human capital.
At the 13th Venice Architecture Biennale we presented 2 recently developed cases, where we were required to design cities that could work as magnets able to retain and attract people and simultaneously as tools for dismantling social time bombs: the Post-tsunami Sustainable Reconstruction Plan of Constitución (PRES), and the Sustainable Urban Plan for the Copper-mining town of Calama (PLUS).

  • Location
    Venice | Italy
  • Organizer
    La Biennale di Venezia
  • Year
  • Curator
    David Chipperfield