Chilean 9/11
Commemorative Milestone



For Our Past, For Our Future

A table is an archetype of a meeting place, of a horizontal relationship between people. A table in a public space suggests a set of basic civic events that as a society we should cultivate: to speak and be heard, to gather around staring at each other’s faces and have a balanced conversation, to agree; all basic acts of a democratic life. The elements that make up the civic table are: a podium that serves as both a gateway into the table and a stage to take the floor, a set of spheres that allow people to sit in multiple directions, and a seesaw, a game that to function needs another person, an understanding, an agreement. Placing 11 flowers on the table once a year would be a ritual that would remind us that civic life is something delicate, something that requires care. The rest of the time, the table should just welcome our everyday public life: the simple things like eating, celebrating or simply meeting.

  • Location
    Quinta Normal | Santiago | Chile
  • Client
    Municipality of Santiago
  • Project Year
  • Construction Year
  • Materials
    Reinforced Concrete | Prefab Concrete