Quinta Monroy



The challenge of our first project was to accommodate a hundred families using a subsidy of $7,500 dollars that in the best of the cases allowed for thirty-six square meters of built space in a 5,000 square meter site, which cost three times what social housing could normally afford. None of the solutions in the market solved the equation. So we thought of a typology that, as buildings, could make a very efficient use of land and as houses allowed for expansion. After a year, each property value was beyond $20,000 dollars. Still, all the families have preferred to stay and keep on improving their homes, instead of selling them..

  • Location
    Iquique | Chile
  • No. of Families
  • Client
    Chile Barrio
  • Project Year
  • Construction Year
  • Site Area
    5025 m²
  • Structural Engineering
    Josè Gajardo
    Juan Carlos de la Llera
  • General Contractor
    Loga S.A.
  • Materials
    Reinforced concrete
  • Urbanizaciòn y especialidades
    Proingel, Abraham Guerra
  • Vivienda Inicial
    36 m²
  • Vivienda Ampliada
    70 m²
  • Duplex Inicial
    25 m²
  • Duplex Ampliado
    72 m²