St. Edward’s University



We needed to accommodate 300 beds, some social areas and some services for the whole campus in a narrow lot. We did three things: we created a plinth using the more public facilities to activate the ground floor, we carved the volume’s core and placed there the social areas and we articulated the perimeter of the building as much as possible, increasing the linear meters of façade in order to guarantee views and natural light to each room. To be able to resist a tough environment, we opted for a sequence of skins that are hard and rough in the outer layer and become softer and more delicate towards the core.

  • Location
    Austin | Texas | EE.UU.
  • Local Architect
    Cotera + Reed
  • Client
    St. Edward's University
  • Site Area
    30.000 m² (12.000 m² residence + 18.000 m² parking)
  • Project Year
  • Construction Year
  • Project Partners
    Ricardo Torrejón