The book collects Elemental’s experience in chronological order, from its inception as an academic initiative in search for an improvement of the quality of social housing to the current form of a “Do Tank” operating at a city scale. The publication records the story behind the practice, their acceptance to work with the existing housing policy framework, the methods adopted to finance the work-hours of professionals, and the development of strategies for community participation. First, the reader will find definitions of what is relevant when proposing social housing and towards the end of the book, a synthesis of the operations that can transform knowledge into concrete projects. Everything in between is nothing more than the details, as honest as possible, that led Elemental to its groundbreaking conclusions. The book was published in Germany and is distributed globally by Hatje Cantz.

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  • Texts
    Alejandro Aravena
  • Andrés Iacobelli
  • Design
  • Publisher
    Hatje Cantz
  • Languages
    Spanish | English
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    17.40 x 24.20 cm
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    PVC box
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