Las Cruces Lookout Point


This lookout point is part of the 117 km Pilgrim Road. Building in a remote place should generate an architecture able to age as if it were a natural element. So, we thought of a kind of hollowed stone, bent to rest calmly on the hill side, and whose only purpose is to offer shadows, cross-ventilation and a view over the path the pilgrims walked for a hundred kilometers to arrive there.

  • Location
    Jalisco | Mexico
  • Local Architect
    Tatiana Bilbao
  • Client
    Secretaría de Turismo Secretaría de Desarrollo Urbano del Estado de Jalisco
  • Built Area
    150 m²
  • Project Year
  • Construction Year
  • Budget
    USD 1 millón
  • Materials
    Reinforced Concrete
  • Photography
    Iwan Baan