Metropolitan Promenade


Despite its privileged position, the Metropolitan Park is visited only by 5 million people every year (i.e. each citizen of Santiago visits the park only once a year). Although huge efforts have been made to transform the original rock into a green space, as it is a hill, it is not a place fit for taking a walk.

The Metropolitan Promenade consists of a simple operation: transform the agricultural canal – a 14 km long horizontal area – into a promenade of geographic magnitude to provide Santiago with a walkway where one could forget about the road and enjoy the city’s geography and weather.

The Metropolitan Promenade not only gives direct and democratic access to our main environmental asset improving people’s quality of life with a high standard public space; it also works as a new pedestrian and bicycle route that connects in a friendly and efficient way rich and poor municipalities.

  • Location
    San Cristóbal Hill
    | Santiago | Chile
  • Client
    Santiago Metropolitan Park
  • Project Year
  • Length
    14 km
  • Ricardo Torrejón
    Ricardo Torrejón